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Italy and France win OGAE Retro Contest 1971

Over the last five days, the results of the OGAE Retro Second Chance Contest 1971 have been revealed on Sechuk. And exactly like last year, Italy won in the main category, and France in the Guest category.

What is the OGAE Retro contest?

As many fans know, the OGAE organises several fan contests once Eurovision is over. The most famous is the Second Chance contest, in which songs that failed to win their national selection are given a second chance by the OGAE. Each club sends one song from their national selection, and fans vote for their favorite, each club ending up with a Eurovision-like top 10.

This contest started in 1987. However, there had been national selections before 1987. This is why, in 2003, the OGAE created the Retrospective Second Chance Contest, for 1986. And since then, every year, the contest has been going in reverse: Retro 1985 in 2004, Retro 1984 in 2005, etc. This year, it was the 1971 Retro Contest.

However, the contest has one particularity: the guest juries (OGAE clubs that can vote but can’t submit a song, because they had no national selection at the time, or because their country wasn’t independent or did not participate in Eurovision) can still fully take part. They have their own category: the Guest Jury Hits, where they submit a national hit from the year of the contest (1971). All clubs vote in both categories: as such, there are two winners.

And the winners are… Italy and France!

There were 12 songs in the main category, and 13 Guest Jury Hits. And surprisingly, the final scoreboards are led by the same countries two years in a row. Last year and this year, Italy won in the main category (this year, with Ricchi e Poveri’s “Che Sarà”), and France in the guest category (this year, with Michel Deplech’s “Pour un flirt”).

Main Category rankings
  1. Italy – “Che Sara” | Ricchi e Poveri [296 points]
  2. United Kingdom – “Someone To Love Me” | Clodagh Rogers [212 points]
  3. Germany – “Alle Menschen Auf Der Erde” | Katja Ebstein [209 points]
  4. Portugal – “Flor Sem Tempo” | Paulo do Carvalho [176 points]
  5. Belgium – “Das Vreemder Man” | Ann Christy [160 points]
  6. Norway – “Maxi-Mii-Mini” | Gro Anita Schøn [129 points]
  7. Ireland – “Going Away” | Red Hurley [117 points]
  8. Sweden – “Heja Mamma” | Family Four [103 points]
  9. Austria – “I Hob Di” | Marianne Mendt [95 points]
  10. The Netherlands – “Vandaag Begint De Toekomst” | Saskia & Serge [82 points]
  11. Finland – “Rajan Takaa” | Cumulus [62 points]
  12. Malta – “Dlonk Dlonk” | Enzo Gusman [41 points]
Guest Jury Hits rankings
  1. France – “Pour un flirt” | Michel Delpech [279 points]
  2. United States (OGAE Rest of the World) – “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” | Cher [269 points]
  3. Croatia – “Gazi Dragi Srce Moje” | Gabi Novak [166 points]
  4. Spain – “Noellia” | Nino Bravo [153 points]
  5. Hungary – “Gedeon Bacsi” | Pal Szecsi [150 points]
  6. Australia – “Eagle Rock” | Daddy Cool [100 points]
  7. Estonia – “Mis Varvi On Armastus” | Uno Loop [96 points]
  8. Greece – “San Me Koitas” | Afroditi Manou & Giannis Fertis [92 points]
  9. Macedonia – “Chija Si” | Slave Dimitrov [91 points]
  10. Russia – “Lesnoy Olen” | Aida Vedischeva [89 points]
  11. Switzerland – “Sheila Baby” | Pepe Lienhard Band [78 points]
  12. Poland – “Dni Których Jeszczw Nie Znamy” | Marek Grechuta [66 points]
  13. Serbia – “Jedan Gros” | Korni Grupa [53 points]

CONGRATULATIONS to OGAE Italia and Eurofans/OGAE France on their common second victory in a row!

What do you think of the winners? Did you listen and like any of the other songs? Tell us more in the comments below or on social media at @escxtra !

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