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Operación Triunfo Gala 2 review – Alfonso eliminated

The 16 candidates who entered the Academia of Operación Triunfo two weeks ago took part in Gala 2 wednesday night. After a long show, it was revealed that Alfonso had been eliminated by the public, then, later, Dave and África ended up being nominated for elimination.

Last week, the 16 contestants sang duets, and after rounds of voting and saving, two candidates remained nominated for elimination: Alfonso and Sabela. It meant that one of them had to be eliminated this week.

The night’s performances

As always, the Gala opened on a group performance by all the contestants: this time, it was “Bonito Es” from Los Sencillos.

The performance from the nominated

Then came the moment for the nominated contestants to give their best performance: they each had a solo performance, and viewers were asked to vote for the one they wanted to save.

First, Alfonso sang a bilingual version of John Legend’s “All of Me”, in a green-blue atmosphere. After he had finished, his husband joined him on stage to support him.

Then came Sabela, who sang “Benditas Feridas”, a song entirely in Galician, by Roza Cedrón. Happily surprised that her song had been given visibility by the programm, Roza Cedrón herself supported Sabela a few days before the gala. After the performance, the audience sang “Happy Birthday” (“Cumpleaños Feliz”) to Sabela, who had turned 25 on October 1st. Then her mother and her boyfriend joined her on stage to support her.

After that, it was time for an interval act. Symbolically, it was the first candidate to be eliminated in OT 2017, in last year’s Gala 2, Mimi. Now known under the name of Lola Indigo, she performed her summer hit “Ya No Quiero Ná”. With more than 30m views on Youtbe, she’s the proof that being eliminated didn’t necessarily stop a career. The song was even chosen by OGAE Spain to represent them in the OGAE Song Contest 2018.

The duets

Then came the seven duets, with a wide range of genres and performance. Powerful girl song? Check. Soft intimate ballad? Check. Questionnable dance skills? Double-checked. In the running order:

  1.  Dave and Noelia – “Volando Voy” by Kiko Veneno
  2. María and África – “Friends” by Marshmello and Anne-Marie
  3. Alba Reche and Miki – “Alba mía” by Natalia Lafourcade
  4. Joan Garrido and Marilia – “Another Day of Sun”, from the movie La La Land
  5. Damion and Famous – “Déjala que baile” by Alejandro Sanz and Melnedi
  6. Marta and Natalia – “Tainted Love” by Imelda May
  7. Carlos Right and Julia – “Mi historia entre tus dedos” by Gianluca Grignani
Operación Triunfo Gala 2
Miki and Alba Reche

The Results

A landslide elimination for Alfonso

First came the results of the televote for the elimination of the nominated candidates. The public voted to save their favorite candidate, and Sabela received an incredible 78.8% of the votes, thus eliminating Alfonso in a landslide.

An all-female top 3 for the televote

The televote also voted for their favorite candidate among the non-nominated contestants, individually (meaning they didn’t vote for a duet, but for a singer). Like last week, the host Roberto Real first announced the top 3 of the televote: Natalia, Julia, and Alba.

Soon afterwards, it was revealed that Natalia was the leader of the televote. This meant that she was safe from being nominated by the jury. It also meant that next week, she will sing a solo act (with 15 candidates, it’s impossible to do only duets).

The Jury nominations

After this sequence, the jury talked with each contestant, and gave their verdict. They nominated 4 candidates for elimination: África and Joan Garrido were once again nominated, joined this time by Dave and María.

Narrowing it down to two

First, once again, the teachers of the Academia saved a candiate from nomination. They chose María, explaining that her voice was very special, that there was, in it, something “innate, that cannot be explained.”

Then it was time for the contestants to save one of their colleagues. Two votes went to África, and five votes each for Dave and Joan Garrido. In such cases of tie, the televoters’s favourite has a tie-breaking voice, meaning their voice count double. Natalia had voted for Joan Garrido, which saved him for the second time in a row.

And so, África and Dave are the two nominated candidates. Next week, they will both sing as a solo act, and one of them will be saved by the televote, eliminating the other in the process.

What do you think? What was your favorite performance of the night? Who do you think will be eliminated next week? Tell us more in the comments below or on social media at @escxtra !

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