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Poland will broadcast Junior Eurovision from TVP ABC

Poland will participate at Junior Eurovision for the 5th time in Minsk. However, if in previous years they broadcast the show on TVP1 and TVP2, they have now moved it to TVP ABC, the children’s channel.

Highest number of viewers in 2016-17

For the past two editions of the show, Poland had the highest viewing figures of any participating country at Junior Eurovision. In fact, when they returned in 2016, 2.8 million Polish viewers tuned in to watch the show, by far the biggest chunk in the 3.9 million total viewers. In 2017, when the show dropped to TVP2, 866,000 viewers watched the show. While not as much as the previous year, Polish viewers were still a significant proportion of the 2.8 million viewers. With the move to TVP ABC, views are likely to decrease significantly. In fact, TVP ABC had a share of 0.7% compared to the 8.72%. Poland is not the first broadcaster to drop the show to the children’s channels. In fact, Russia, Australia, Netherlands and Italy all already to that. This makes it difficult to reach audiences like the first years of the contest, where many millions tuned in to watch the show, like the 30 million in 2005. 

Roskana to Minsk!

As previously reported, TVP internally selected 13-year old Roksana Wegiel to be there representative in Minsk. Roskana rose to fame after winning the first season of the Polish version of The Voice Kids, back in February this year. It was the first time that the country opted for internal selection since returning. In fact, they previously used the televised show called Krajowe Eliminacje do Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji to select their entrant.

Poland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Poland made their debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when the contest began in 2003, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Katarzyna Żurawik represented the nation with the song, “Coś mnie nosi”. Unfortunately, they finished last with just three points. In 2004, Poland came out with exactly the same result, finishing in the last place slot with again, three points. After two years of poor results Poland decided to withdraw from the contest in 2005 and the country did not return to compete again until 2016. On their return in 2016, Poland sent Olivia Wieczorek with the song “Nie zapomnij”, finishing in 11th place with 60 points. Last year, Alicja Rega represented Poland with the song “Moj dom”, scoring Poland’s best result to date, finishing in 8th place with 138 points. You can read more about Poland’s Junior Eurovision history in our feature here

What do you think of Poland’s decision? Do you think it will impact the viewing figures of Junior Eurovision negatively? What is your favourite Junior Eurovision song from Poland so far? 

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Riccardo Maddalozzo

Born in Italy, I have lived in 5 countries in 3 continents. I discovered Eurovision by accident in 2010 and became a superfan in 2013. I attended both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision events and covered several national finals on the ground and hope to continue doing so for a long time!

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