An Xtra Happy Birthday, week 41

Can you believe that there were 26 Eurovision Stars that celebrated their birthday last week. Can you guess how many will celebrate their birthday his week. Just click through the days and count, or just look at the number on the last page;) Will give you one name to start the count, “Nicky Byrne”! No need to count him twice, however there are twins so take note of that.

October 8th

Big Eurovision Birthdays today! That is, the birthday boy celebrates 70 years and the birthday girl 60 years.

Norbert Niedermayer, 70

Niedermayer first participated on behalf of Austria in 1972 with the rock band Milestones. They performed “Falter im Wind” in Edinburgh and recived 100 points, thus ending in 5th place at the Final. That is one of Austria’s most successful Eurovision entries, as only three songs have placed higher.  The second time Nobert performed for his country was in 1978 in Paris. Then as a part of the band Springtime. The band sang “Mrs. Caroline Robinson” and got 14 points, therefore ended up in 15th place.

Laura Vlasblom, 60

Laura was part of the group Frizzle Sizzle, and therefore took part at Eurovision in 1986.That is the groupre reprecented the Netherlands in . heir song is called “Alles heedt een ritme” and gained 40 points, which gave them the 13th place out of 20 countries.

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Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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