An Xtra Happy Birthday, week 41

October 10th 

Today we celebrate three Eurovision Stars! One song is speaks to us Eurovision fans, Come Back to Eurovision and stay! the birthday lady is turning 70 years old. And the “young” one in the group was a debut act for his country.

Dickie Rock, 72

Ireland selected Dickie to g to Eurovision in 1966, which was held in Luxembourg. Therefore he sang the sweet song “Come Back to Stay”. his sweetness paid off,  because his song got fourth place at the contest, As well as being the top hit in his home country.

Severine, 70 

Performing on behalf of Monaco in Dublin in 1979. Singing “Un banc, un abre, une rue” that can be translated from france to “A bench, a tree, a street”. The entry got 128 points thus winning the show. She entered the German national selection two times after that, but was not successful.

Brane Vidan, 58

Slovenia debuted at Eurovision in 1993, and chose a group called  a musical band 1x Band. Brane was the base-guitar player of the band. They performed the rain song “Tih dezenven dan”. Slovenia did not find the heart of Eurovision in the first attempt because the it got low score. Therefore landed on the bottom part of the scoreboard.
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Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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