Anna Rossinelli release “Hold Your Head Up”

Swiss trio Anna Rossinelli – consisting of members Anna, Georg, and Manuel – are back! “Hold Your Head Up” is their first single off their upcoming album, and you can listen to this beautiful and somber ballad right here.

Hold Your Head Up

“Hold Your Head Up” is a beautiful ballad with touching lyrics. In an emotional chorus, Anna urges an unknown subject to hold their head up, promising that they can lean on her if they ever feel down. Most noteworthy is the production, which manages to be stunning and haunting in equal measure. Furthermore, Anna’s vocals bring the song to life, and there’s a sincerity to the words she’s singing. All things considered, “Hold Your Head Up” is a must listen – especially if you’re going through a rough patch in life.

Career after Eurovision

The trio band has been busy since their Eurovision participation in 2011. In 2014, their song “Shine in the Light” was used for SRF’s broadcast of the Winter Olympics. As a result, it became quite a success, charting at #4 in Switzerland. In addition to quite a few singles, the trio have also released four studio albums. Their fifth one – White Garden – is set to be released early next year and “Hold Your Head Up” is the first single from the project. Because the single is so good, we have plenty of reason to believe that the album itself will not fail to impress quality wise!

Anna Rossinelli at Eurovision

Anna Rossinelli represented Switzerland in Eurovision 2011. They qualified, much to many fans’ surprise, with their entry “In Love for a While”. Unfortunately, the trio finished in a disappointed last place in the final. However, despite the lacklustre result, they are still the second most successful Swiss Eurovision act since 2006. Needless to say, first ever Eurovision winner Switzerland has been struggling in the contest in recent years.

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