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Stella Mwangi to feature on Just Dance 2019

Following in the dance steps of Eurovision artists before her, Stella Mwangi’s ‘Not Your Ordinary’ will appear on Just Dance 2019

‘Not Your Ordinary’ on Just Dance 2019

Proving it is becoming ordinary, Stella Mwangi’s song has been announced for the upcoming release of Just Dance 2019. Adding some urban flavour to the track list, players will get to twerk along to ‘Not Your Ordinary’ with the on-screen choreography. Whilst also competing for the highest score with their friends and family.

First released early in 2018, the vibrant colours and sassy routines Just Dance is famed for, give the song a fresh energy. Although of course it’s Stella’s Swahili fusion and funky urban beats that will get players dancing around their living rooms.

Named after Lady’s Gaga debut song ‘Just Dance’, the dance-rhythm game has been one of Ubisoft’s leading franchises. With annual releases since 2009 and featuring some of the biggest selling artists of past and present.

Eurovision and Just Dance

However, Stella is not the only Eurovision artist to feature in this years edition. Previously it was announced that ‘Toy’, Netta’s winning entry for Israel in the Lisbon contest, would be clucking its way to the video game world. Thus joining an exclusive list of Eurovision entries to have featured in the series. Only two others have previously appeared. Firstly was Lena’s 2010 winner ‘Satellite’, which featured in Just Dance 3. Secondly was ABBA’s 1974 winner ‘Waterloo’, which was playable on ABBA: You Can Dance, Just Dance Now and the Just Dance Unlimited service.

The 2019 edition will be available in stores across Europe on October 25th. Playable on Nintendo Wii, Wii U and Switch, as well as PS4 and Xbox One and 360.

Stella Mwangi and the Eurovision Song Contest

During the 2011 edition of the contest held in Düsseldorf, Stella took to the stage with her tropical bop ‘Haba Haba’. Despite being a huge fan favourite, the feel good anthem failed to hit the mark with the jury. Becoming one of Norway’s two non-qualifiers to the grand final this decade. Since her time in the contest Stella has reverted to her traditional hip-hop sound and gone on to release numerous singles.

Earlier this year Stella decided to make a comeback to Norway’s selection show Melodi Grand Prix with ‘You Got Me’. Teaming up with Alexandra Rotan, the duo combined soul, rap and pop beats for an infectious party anthem. This resulted in a third place finish in the Silver Final.

Are you excited for Just Dance 2019 and Stella’s success? What other artists and songs from Eurovision would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA

Lisa Bird

My first Eurovision memory was watching 1994 as a hatchling. I've been tapping my talons to the bops and bangers from Europe and beyond ever since! I finally spread my wings to attending the contest in Lisbon 2018 and am now a regular at many events and national finals - especially my regular nest at Eesti Laul.

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