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Italy wins OGAE Second Chance Contest 2018 with “Il Mondo Prima di Te”

Every year since 1987 the OGAE, Eurovision fan clubs have organised the OGAE Second Chance Contest. In this competition where each club sends a song that failed to win their national selections, some fan favourites are given a second chance!

It was a long time ago, just before June, that the lineup for the 2018 Second Chance Contest was revaled: 27 candidates and 16 guest juries (OGAE Clubs from countries that didn’t have a national selection for Eurovision 2018).

After Mariette’s victory in 2017, it was OGAE Sweden’s turn to organize the online contest, holding a result ceremony in Eskilstuna that was broadcast on Youtbe, and hosted by Zara Zeidlitz and William Shmatz;

Zara opened the show with a dance act, before a small flag parade from OGAE members, and two “guests” artists singing before the beginning of the voting sequence. The first one was Erik Linder (Melodifestivalen 2010, ” Hur kan jag tro på kärlek “) and Mariette herself, who won the contest last year, singing “A Million Years”.

The results

OGAE members vote on their favorites (usually by making a Top 10), and national clubs create a national Top 10 out of their member’s votes. In the end, points are awarded in the classic 1-to-8-10-12 Eurovision way.

This year, however, to spice up the show, OGAE Sweden decided to change the way points were announced. The 27 participants who entered a song announced their results in the classic way, with a spokesperson sequence being shown.

Then, the 17 guest clubs had their points announced in a way much similar to the way the televote is announced in Eurovision. The points were added together and announced in the scoring order : the participant that got the lowest score from the guest clubs (Malta, Armenia and Poland) had their added score revealed first, then the second lowest score, etc. until the favorite of the guest clubs (Italy).

Here are the final results:

The results after the application of the guest points

ESCXTRA congratulates Annalisa and OGAE Italia for their victory tonight!

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