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Madame Monsieur launch a GoFundMe campaign for Mercy

Sûr qu’elle avait raison, y’avait rien à perdre oh non, excepté la vie…after representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with their self-penned song about the refugee child Mercy, Madame Monsieur have now launched a GoFundMe campaign to support Mercy and her mother, Taiwo Yussif, with their new life in Italy.

The husband and wife duo announced the campaign through their official Instagram page:

For those of us who don’t speak la langue Française, the post translates as:

Friends, in recent months, many of you have asked us how it was possibleto give little Mercy and her mom a hand in starting their new live. It took a long time because we wanted to do things well, but it is now possible! Whether big or small, every contribution will help build a future for them. It’s easy peasy and it’s here 👉 💛🧡 🧡💛 And do not hesitate to share!

Madame Monsieur tell Mercy’s story

On the GoFundMe page, Émilie and Jean-Karl share Mercy’s story. She was born in March 2017 aboard the Aquarius, the humanitarian ship of the NGO SOS Mediterranean, just after volunteers rescued her mother from the water. Taiwo (Mercy’s mother) acquired the help of a smuggler to get her out of Libya. That way so that she could offer a better future to her unborn child. Upon their arrival in Sicily, they were placed in the largest migrant camp in Europe, where they lived for nearly a year and a half.

Taiwo holds her baby, Mercy

Mercy and Taiwo are now able to leave the camp and start their new home in Sicily, thanks to the help of an association of Sicilian lawyers. This will finally allow Taiwo to build the future that she wished for for Mercy.

Mercy is planned to join a local nursery and Taiwo will start learning Italian to integrate into their new society.

Please help Mercy and Taiwo!

Now more than ever, Mercy and her mother Taiwo need a boost in starting their new life. The money that you donate will be shared between Mercy and Taiwo and the Casa Delle Culture Mediterranean Hope Visitor Center. The centre welcomes fifteen women and children and restores their confidence in the future by creating a warm place for them to live.

Madame Monsieur with Mercy and Taiwo and members of the Casa Delle Culture Mediterranean Hope Visitor Centre

Madame Monsieur hope that the GoFundMe campaign will help Mercy and Taiwo build a happy future.

To make a contribution to Madame Monsieur’s GoFundMe campaign for Mercy, click here or visit

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