Petition launched to overturn Bulgaria withdrawal

Following this morning’s confirmation from BNT that financial reasons are behind the Eurovision withdrawal which we previously revealed over the weekend, Eurovision-Bulgaria and OGAE Bulgaria have launched a public petition, calling on Eurovision fans from far and wide to support their cause. If you wish to see Bulgaria participate at the Eurovision Song Contest, need your support by signing this petition. 

Eurovision “put forward competitive Bulgarian faces”

The incoming director general of BNT actually stated within his audition the following positive statement about the Eurovision projects:

In the last few years BNT managed to impose Eurovision as a significant show for Bulgaria with a strong public reaction. It “put forward” competitive Bulgarian faces, who created a positive image for Bulgaria and received strong support within the country and abroad.
Eurovision became an emblematic show for BNT and brought positives in its placement as a public media.
Eurovision as a project proved that well selected entertainment shows naturally hold their place in BNT

Konstantin Kamenarov, director general of BNT. 

Bulgarian language fansite, who run OGAE Bulgaria, translated the above quote while also stating: “will the emblematic show for the Bulgarian National Television be dropped just like that?”

If you wish to see Bulgaria return to the Eurovision Song Contest as soon as possible, you can support the cause by signing their petition

You can follow on Twitter, @eurovisionbg


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