An Xtra Happy Birthday; week 42!

October 18th

On this day, there are four Eurovision performers that have grown one year older. That is two birthday ladies and two birthday gentlemen.No to much no?

Arnis Mednis, 57

Mednis took part at Eurovision in 2001, on the behalf of his home country Latvia. The song had the humble title, “To Much”, which unfortunately for him did not mean to much of support at Eurovision. That is the song ended 18th place out of 23 countries.

Olivia Lewis, 40

Through the national selection, Malta Song for Europe, Olivia was selected to perform at Eurovision 2007 in Serbia. That was the 11th time she participated in the national selection, with placing in 2nd place the three previous years. Despite her big devotion to the song contest her Song “Vertigo” did not make it to the final.

Svetlana Loboda, 36

Both the jury and the public of Ukraine thought that Loboba was the best option in 2009 to represented her nation in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore she sang in Russia that year. With huge stage props and “Roman soldiers” at her side, Svetlana advance to the Final. At the final her song “Be My Valentine!” got 70 points leaving her in 12th place.

Loucas Yiorkas, 32

In 2011, Greece´s Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation selected Loucas Yiorkas and five others to represent Greece in Eurovision. Along with Stereo Mike and performed the song “Watch My Dance”. They had huge success with the public televotes where he got 3rd place. However after uniting the result with jury votes the song only got 120 points at the final, leaving in it 7th place.

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