Iveta releases a dark and mysterious new single

Hey, it’s me. Look, I know it might sound strange but all one needs to spice up this slow Tuesday is bit of “MARGO”. No, I’m not talking about watching Suicide Squad (don’t do it, just don’t), but instead checking out the first part of Iveta Mukuchyan’s new music project. 

We have come to expect creative experimentation from Iveta and this new single is no different. The song is an elegant mix of modern sounds and parts of Armenian folk songs. It’s not just the sound that is intriguing here either, there’s a story of ancestry running through the song, bits and pieces of which have been scattered all over social media (or the description box underneath the actual video, if you don’t feel like going on a scavenger hunt). with Iveta starting it all off like this:

I want to take you on a journey with me.
A journey of a woman who was about to die but walked into life again. 
A bond bound in the fate of a families history, and a soul whose time came but has cradled mine in their embrace. 

You can read the rest and decipher the full meaning yourself by following the link below and checking out the music video, featuring such supporting cast members as “Kid 1” and “Gambler 3”, giant crowns, fire hazards and enough burning playing cards to make even the toughest magician weep tears of sadness:

Besides “MARGO” you no doubt noticed that the video also has a secondary title: “The Journey Of A Woman part 1”. Which either means she’s snatched a deal with The History Channel and will be continuing the story in a 48 part docu-series OR that there is just more music to come in the near future. Either way, we are excited to see what comes next!

A wave of love

To remind ourselves of Iveta’s Eurovision journey, we need to turn the clock back to 2016. She took the stage by storm with an impressive display of pyrotechnics and even more impressive legs. As an added bonus, she even brought a song! Remind yourselves and ride the lovewave again down below:

What do you think about Iveta’s new song? Did you find the story interesting? Are you looking forward to the next parts? Is that mirror leaking oil or ink? 

 Give us your opinion in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA

Rigmo Kannike

When not busy haunting various online chat rooms as his criminal alter ego, PeterP, Rigmo enjoys long walks on the beach and rooting for the absolute worst national final songs.

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