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Júlio Isidro announced head of the Festival da Cançao 2019 jury

Júlio Isidro confirmed last week that he would be the head of the jury for Portugal’s Eurovision national final, Festival da Cançao. He has been the head of the jury since 2017. Isidro cited RTP, claiming that the broadcaster was pleased by Portugal’s results since he took over.

Since Júlio Isidro came on board as jury head in 2017, Portugal has sent “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral, and “O Jardim” by Claudia Pascoal ft. Isaura. “Amar Pelos Dois” gave Portugal their first win in the contest after having competed in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1964.

Festival da Cançao will continue to use its two semifinal format for the 2019 contest. Fourteen songwriters have been selected to write an entry to the contest, with two spots reserved for public submissions. The two semifinals will be hosted in RTP’s studios in Lisbon, but the final will be held outside of Lisbon.

Portugal in Eurovision

Portugal has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest fifty times since their debut in 1964, in which they placed last. They have won once, in 2017, with “Amar Pelos Dois,” which holds the record for most points given to a song in Eurovision history. Other notable finishes include tenth in 1993, eighth in 1994, and sixth in 1996. 

In 2018, Portugal hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. They sent the song “O Jardim,”by Claudia Pascoal ft. Isaura. The entry placed last in a field of 26.

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