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Who will design the Tel Aviv postcards? KAN opens submission process

The postcards which appear before an artist takes to the stage are a fundermental part of any Eurovision contest. The 2019 host broadcaster, KAN, have already begun plans for next year’s montages, opening a submission process to find the best producer for the job.

€1.2 million production budget for 2019 postcards

The Israel Hayom report that the submission window for interested producers to register interest will close on 28th October.  The chosen candidate will be responsible for 100% of the task. This includes filming, research, booking locations, as well as maintaining the agreed budget.

A budget of NIS 5 million (approximately €1.2 million) will be provided for all production costs.  NIS 3.2 million (approximately €767,000) will be dedicated solely to the postcards themselves. 

Budgets calculated for up to 46 countries

According to the publication, the advertisement states that the budget is calculated for up to 46 countries.  It is unknown whether this number was decided  before the announcement of Bulgaria’s withdrawal

Once a producer is chosen for the role, they will need to submit two pilots prior to any filming. If the two pilots gain approval from the EBU,  filming of the clips will likely take place between January & March.

WATCH: Netta’s postcard from the 2018 contest

How would you design the postcards for the 2019 contest?  Let us know your ideas by adding a comment or tweeting us at @ESCXTRA

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