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Less songs submitted for Supernova 2019

The submission window for Latvia’s national final has closed. At the end of the window, LTV had received 83 songs. That means they received ten songs less than they did last year, when 93 songs were submitted for Supernova.

Aiming for better results

For the 2019 edition of Supernova, the Latvians will have less to choose from than in 2018. This may be a result of the changes LTV announced for their national final. One of those was that the broadcaster asked for a more professional approach. Instead of just sending a demo, they were hoping for a more finished product.

With the changes, Latvia are hoping to improve their results at the Eurovision Song Contest. Since its introduction in 2015, Latvia have made the final twice. Aminata Savadogo turned out to be a magical ingredient for LTV. As a singer, she finished in sixth with Love Injected. The following year, she composed Justs’s song Heartbeat,

However, the past two entries – those without Aminata’s involvement, failed to make the Grand Final. Triana Park even finished in last in their semifinal in 2017.

Professionals required

Not only does the Latvian broadcaster hope for more professional submissions, they’ve also decided to take a more professional approach themselves. The selection committee for the televised Supernova shows will mostly consist of radio professionals. That way, LTV hope to pick the most radio friendly song.

Aside from the selection committee, the broadcaster will once again team up with Universal Music. The record label will, together with LTV, be responsible for promoting the Latvian music scene. That however does not mean that foreign composers and singers are banned from entering Supernova. They are still welcome to enter, although there must be a Latvian component to the entry.

During the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Laura Rizzotto represented Latvia with her song Funny Girl.

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