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Sebastian Schub withdraws from Germany’s national selection

Following the release of details of the complex preparations for Germany’s Unser Lied and the workshop stage, one of the first confirmed participants in the workshops was Sebastian Schub. However, as German Eurovision site Prinz ESC reported, he voluntarily withdrew from the national selection!

NDR confirms his withdrawal

NDR sent out materials which confirm that London-based Sebastian Schub is no longer in the race, due to scheduling reasons. He expressed that:

“Unfortunately, shortly after the invitation to the ESC workshop in Cologne, I was occupied with other projects that did not make it possible for me to continue to focus on the ESC 2019. It would certainly be a great honor for Germany. I keep my fingers crossed for the other candidates.”

Thomas Schreiber reacts

The entertainment director of NDR, Thomas Schreiber, responded to Sebastian’s withdrawal from the national selection:

“We regret Sebastians decision, but also have understanding if he is currently receiving job offers, which he can not refuse. There will certainly be a reunion with Sebastian, whom we were able to meet in the past few weeks as a very talented and sympathetic colleague.”

This now leaves 19 artists in the race to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. As we previously reported, the final selection of songs should be finished and produced before Christmas.

In 2018, Michael Schulte won “Unser Lied für Lissabon” with the song “You let me walk alone”. He finished fourth in the final, with 340 points.

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