Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… FYR Macedonia

A note on the naming: This country may well soon change its name to North Macedonia for Eurovision purposes, with a vote recently passed in their parliament. However for now FYR Macedonia is still an official name and the one listed on this site, so to ensure I did not forget it should the name change not go through in time, it’s under the Fs for Macedonian quiz purposes.

Whatever their official name, the Macedonians haven’t had the best of luck in Eurovision, with few qualifications in recent years and no big successes. Being the permanent underdog is one way to attract a few fans however.

With a few weeks before we begin looking forward to Eurovision 2019, it’s that time in a Eurovision fan’s year to reflect on past years and all the good music and events they brought. And, also, some trivia.

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically, Georgia will be next.

FYR Macedonia have been in only one final since 2008. Which year was that?

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Kaliopi kept the dreams of a nation alive in 2012.

Sadly, FYR Macedonia are one of the least successful countries in the contest. What is their highest achieved position?

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Achieved with Ninanajna in 2006.

FYR Macedonia fell afoul of the 2008-2009 juror rule twice, finishing 10th in a semi where most other years, they would have advanced to the final. Name either of these entries.

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Enough questions highlighting how badly FYR Macedonia performs, let’s go back to Yugoslavia. How many Yugoslav entries were performed by Macedonian artists?

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Okay, that may have been just a bit too mean.

What does ‘100% te ljubam’ mean?

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I think the other options would have been a lot more interesting.

Karolina and Kaliopi both represented FYR Macedonia twice. Which of their four songs finished the highest?

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Esma from 2013 was named Queen Of The Gypsies. What did her Romani inclusive song have as its English bracketed title?

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Which country have FYR Macedonia given the most final points to?

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The Macedonians are equal in their support though, Serbia are merely 3 points behind Albania, it could change next contest.

Vlatko Ilievski sadly passed away earlier this year. What kind of girl was his 2011 entry referring to?

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Lost And Found this year was the worst performing Macedonian entry so far. True or false?

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At 18th in the semi final, with the lowest previous positon being 16th, yes. Unfortunate, as it is a good song, just didn’t translate well on stage.

If you haven’t already played them (or just want to play them again), check out the below links for the So You Think You Know… quizzes from past weeks.











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