Who brings you luck? Franka knows someone!

Franka, who reprecented Croatia in Lisbon this year, has recently published a new music video. The song is called “Ti mi nosiš sreću”, that is “You Bring me Luck” in English. The music written Branimir Mihaljević.

Ti mi nosiš sreću

Ines Prajo and Arijana Kunštek wrote the lyrics to Frank’s song. The lyrics are in Croatian, and are kind of a sweet and cheesy love confession. Wordsl like “We are the two sides of the same coins”. As well as…

I love you even stronger

Well, I love you the strongest

Well, I love you the most

(English transilation of  “Ti mi nosiš sreću”)

It might be cheese lyrics, nevertheless Franka sells the lyrics with her superb voice. But we all know that her voice is stunning after her performance of “Crazy“. The song makes you wonder who her “love” is  but also makes you think of your own “Lucky charmer”. That is a big plus.

The official video is also quite cheeky and dreaming. It has this Dorothy form Oz feeling. Where she keeps adding new people to her “travel”. However at the end you realized, she has just been hypnotized by the washing machine. That is, maybe the story never happened. Cheeky!

Can not get enough of Franka?

This summer Franka released anther cheerful tune and video call “Kao Ti I Ja“. We also recorded a video on our live chat with her in Lisbon, feel free to have a look.

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