An Xtra Happy Birthday, week 44

Eurovision Birthday Celebration continues! Yup; loads of birthdays to celebrate this week too! Slightly less then last week, however still impressively in total of seventeen people. One of the Herrey brothers celebrates his birthday this week!

October 29th

Today is bit crowed of Eurovision Birthdays. That is one birthday girl and three birthday boys. The oldest on of them is turning 74 and the youngest today turns 24. Eurovision sure has spanned a long history!

Fausto Leali, 74

Leali won Sanremo Festival in 1989 along with Anna Oxa, with the song “Ti lascerò“. That means they earned the right to go to Eurovision the same year on behalf of Italy.  They however picked another song called, “Avrei voluto”. They reached 9th place out of 23 countries at the contest in Switzerland.

Aiste Smilgeviciute, 41

Lithuania selected Aiste to be their reprecentaive at Eurovision in 1989. Therefore she performed the song “Strazdas” at the stage in Jerusalem. She placed 20th at the contest with 13 points.

Eric Saade, 28

Sweden picked Eric with his song Popular 2011. That is why he performed it in Dusseldorf, Germany. His charm did quite well and won his semi final. Thus going to the final where it got 185 points, that is place in 3rd place!

Ivan, 24

In 2016, Belarus chose Ivan’s song “Help You Fly”. The video of the song caught some attention, but it pictured Ivan naked with a wolf. He spoke about wanting to replicated that on the stage with a wolf and naked. But both of these things are against the rules of Eurovision. But with on screen affects he delivered it to Eurovision in Stockholm. Despite this the song did not make it to the final.

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