An Xtra Happy Birthday, week 44

October 31st

Just as yesterday, this day is also dedicated to one Eurovision Birthday lady! She sang in a whole new language for Eurovision Song Contest.

Severine Ferrer, 41

Monaco selected Séverine to perform at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. There she treated us to the bilingual entry “La Coco-dance”. It was performed in French and in Tahitian language. At the semi-final the act only manged to get 14 points, which means it followed Monaco’s pattern from the previous two years and did not advance to the final. This was a huge disappointment to the country,  and as a result it is also Monaco’s last entry to date.

Séverine Ferrer - La Coco-dance (Monaco) 2006 Semi-FinalSéverine Ferrer – La Coco-dance (Monaco) 2006 Semi-Final
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