Elena Risteska returns with “Snage za kraj”

Elena Risteska is back with new music! “Snage za kraj” is a beautiful mid-tempo track  written by a fellow Eurovision participant. Listen to the song and check out the music video here.

Finding the strength to end things

“Snage za kraj” starts off as a ballad with delicate production. However, from the first chorus onwards, it becomes increasingly mid-tempo with a heavy background beat. Moreover, Elena’s vocals are very strong and fitting to the tone of the song.

In addition, the song speaks about an important issue: having the strength to end something. The lyrics narrate a man who’s got a wandering eye, and everyone knows. Unfortunately, she looks the other way while she gets the strength to end things. The music video reflects this theme well. In the ending scene, Elena sees the guy up close with another woman. Instead of confronting him, they leave together.

Written by fellow Eurovision star

Most noteworthy about the song is that it isn’t sung in Macedonian. Instead, Elena sings the song in Serbian. If you take a quick look at who the songwriter is, this will make sense. Sergej Ćetković penned the song. Sergej represented Montenegro in Eurovision 2014 with the song “Moj svijet”!

Furthermore, Darko Dimitrov produced the song. Dedicated Eurovision fans will without a doubt recognize his name. He has had a hand in many Eurovision entries. These include Elena Risteska’s own entry “Ninanajna” and Tijana Dapčević’s “To The Sky”. Additionally, he was involved in this year’s Macedonian and Serbian entries as well. In other words, Darko Dimitrov has a lot of Eurovision experience.

Elena Risteska in Eurovision

Elena represented Macedonia in Eurovision 2006. She qualified to the final with her song “Ninanajna”. Once there, she finished in 12th place, scoring a total of 56 points. As a result, this is to date the best result ever for a Macedonian entry.

Would you like to see Elena return to Eurovision? Maybe with a song in a similar style to “Snage za kraj”? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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