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Eurovision Asia to be held on Gold Coast in December 2019?

Is the Eurovision Asia Song Contest happening after all? For a while, it seemed the idea had failed to come to life, but it now seems we’re back on track. According to the city of Gold Coast in Australia, they will host the inaugural Eurovision Asia!

Back on track for 2019

The news first surfaced when Australian journalist Brendon Wolf posted on Twitter, claiming the Eurovision Asia Song Contest would be coming to Gold Coast. After disbelief from Eurovision fans, he uploaded a screenshot from the city of Gold Coast. There, the city wrote:

An opportunity exists for the city of Gold Coast to become the ‘home of Eurovision’ through hosting two events in 2019 – the national selection series – Australia Decides in February, followed by the Eurovision Asia Song Contest in December.

City of Gold Coast

9 News Gold Coast, the channel Wolf works for, soon reported the news themselves. They interviewed the Mayor of Gold Coast, who said he expected over 200 million viewers for the very first contest. The report mentioned that Eurovision Asia will be an eight day event, with the final set for 7 December 2019.[0]=68.ARCfcnfvKpSh8hBgXY8U9Ud3evTWksrGlma0hX5jiX3cI44khb2lVVufbk6DMRWKMiBkW_nx1odljIiWqq7ZkI1WMtPFFZ7fYY8QCyhMjevHwlQlfOt0aIC5alob-eD2Dn3jPqSc1FeQoDETwFgALYkAcW1nfDOaXYm68CgcLlMIGtyGmgF0n4YEPDDic4ToEAxY9Jak20hVSXze_ThvSRXCR97tF3q6yA&__tn__=-R

Sixteen participants

The first edition of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest will consist of sixteen participating countries. Those sixteen countries would all come from the Asia Pacific region. According to 9 News, some of the countries negotiating to join Australia in the event are China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

In the earlier stages of the announcement last year, many countries spoke of their interest. Pacific nations such as Vanuatu and Solomon Islands showed an early interest.

Eurovision Asia will be very similar to the Eurovision Song Contest in Europe. There will be a Red Carpet Ceremony, press events, as well as a three hour Grand Final on Saturday, 7 December. Just like in Eurovision, both televoting and jury voting will determine the winner. Each of the votes will have 50% of the total.

Early struggles

The news of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest being very likely to actually happen will surprise many.  In July, the EBU told us at that they organisers were still in the absolute early stages of development. At the start of October, departing SBS Manager Michael Ebeid even said the contest had proven to be “too geo-politically difficult“, suggesting the contest was put on hold indefinitely. The Eurovision Asia Twitter account has been silent for over a year now.

It nows seems the issues have been overcome. Of course, the organisers are still negotiating with participants, but the number has been set for sixteen in total. 

Are you excited for the very first Eurovision Asia Song Contest? Who are you hoping to see there? Below, you can find ten artists we would love to see!

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