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Ukraine reveals the first candidate for Vidbir 2019!

The Ukrainian delegation has today revealed the first candidate that will take part in their National Final Vidbir 2019!

The song was revealed on the 1+1 channel. This channel is part of the STB broadcasting family. This is the Ukrainian broadcaster that was earlier revealed to have partnered the broadcaster UA:PBC. The partnership is contracted to last until 2021. However UA:PBC will continue to be the main Ukrainian broadcaster that will be responsible for the Ukrainian delegation. They will be in charge of the staging when it gets to Eurovision. The contest will be taking part in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

What is the song?

The song is called “Hrim” (“Thunder”) and will be sung by Ukrainian singer Natalia Hordienko. The song is a Pop-Rock song that has a heavy piano and violin elements that run through the song. . You can listen to the song in the video encased in the tweet below. Also you can watch the full interview in the subsequent YouTube video provided.

Who is Natalia Hordienko?

She was the lead singer of Ukrainian group SuperDivka. Natalia is no stranger to singing on television singing competitions, she appeared on the first series of The Voice: Ukraine. She got all the way to the Semi-Finals where, as a result she was eliminated. She has released four songs. They are “Kyiv-Goa”, “Love Is Not Tequila”, “Something Wrong” and “Away”.

Furthermore, UA:PBC also revealed that the complete list of candidates that will take part in Vidbir 2019 will be announced in January. These candidates will be decided by Ruslan Kvinta. He is the head of the Ukrainian delegation and oversees not only the National Final but also the project that we see on the Eurovision stage.

Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Arguably one of the strongest countries in the contest, Ukraine have two victories to their name, despite only entering the contest 20 times. These victories came in 2004, which was only their second appearance in the contest with Ruslana’s “Wild Dances. Their second victory came in 2016 after a year out of the contest where Jamala won with the song “1944”. Ukraine has come Runner-Up on two occasions. They came one after the other in 2007 and 2008. They were “Dancing (Lasha Tumbai)” and “Shady Lady” sang by Verka Seduchka and Ani Lorak respectively. Ukraine has achieved a Third-Place on one occasion, in 2013 with the song “Gravity” by Zlata Ognevic. 

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