Yianna Terzi delivers anti-bullying message in new single ‘Karma’

Karma comes back to us all. Especially on New Music Friday as Yianna Terzi tackles bullying with her first single since Lisbon 2018.

Create good ‘Karma’

Taking on a serious issue that has effected everyone in some way in their lives, Yianna Terzi has a message for the bullies in her new single. In a recent post on Instagram, Yianna delved deeper into its meaning. Explaining that ‘Karma’ is reflected in a persons negative and positive reactions and how those behaviours impact on others. Further adding that this is what bullies lose sight of in the heat of the moment. However in the end what goes around comes around.

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Στη ζωή αυτή.. “ΟΛΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΚΑΡΜΑ” Written by me & @teo_arkitekt Link in my bio Το Karma δεν είναι μια μαγική δύναμη που μας τιμωρεί ή μας επιβραβεύει. Είναι απλά το αποτέλεσμα των πράξεών μας. Το τραγούδι είναι εμπνευσμένο από την συμπεριφορά αυτών που κάνουν Bullying. Η προσωρινή επιβολή τους δεν τους αφήνει να συνειδητοποιήσουνε πως σημασία σε βάθος χρόνου έχει η ενέργεια που βάζουν πίσω από κάθε πράξη τους. Ότι πραγματικά δίνεις, αργά ή γρήγορα αυτό θα πάρεις πίσω. Released by @minosemi_official #CreateGoodKarma #AgainstBullying #Karma Karma is not some magical force that punishes or rewards us. It’s simply the result of our actions. The song is inspired by the behavior of people who are Bullies. Temporary imposition won’t let them realize that in time what will matter most is the intention and energy behind the action. What you put in, is eventually what you’ll receive. Released by @minosemi_official Thank you to all the people that helped me create Karma! Here you are: Management Team @primeoneathens @aloustini @stelloo_z @s.avgoustis Director @angelsaft Choreographer/Art Director @tasosxiarcho Make Up @tsapatorilena Fashion Stylist/Designer @larrys_zorpidis Cretan Lyra inspired and played by @marnelakismike Dancers @paris_chalatsis @roubini.fotiadi @ermioni_har @fayedrk @__steella__

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Karma is not a magic power that punishes or rewards us. It is simply the result of our actions. The song is inspired by the behaviour of bullying.

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Much like ‘Oniro Mou’, it takes us on a spiritual journey through the power of song, with the stirring traditional elements we come to expect from Greek music. Also the additional rock beats in the post-chorus breakdown to add to the intensity of the song and its message. Likewise in the video, as the bullies become unmasked and Yianna pushes them away to fall like dominoes. Hence the ‘Karma’ has come back around in the dark and mysterious clip.

Released through Minos EMI/Universal, ‘Karma’ was written and composed by Yianna alongside Teo Pousbouris. Many will be familiar with Teo as one half of Greece’s 2014 Eurovision entry Freaky Fortune. Moreover an English version of the song has also been released.

Yianna Terzi in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Earlier this year it was Yianna’s turn to carry the hopes of Greece in the Lisbon contest. After a turbulent selection process, it was Yianna and her haunting ballad ‘Oniro Mou’ in collaboration with Panik Records left standing. Despite delivering an emotive rendition of a song dedicated to the bond between Greece and its people, it could only manage 14th place in a very strong first semi-final. Thus being Greece’s second ever non-qualifier in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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