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Eurovision 1984 entrant Maria Guinot passes away

We are sad to report that Maria Guinot has passed away. The Portuguese singer represented her nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 1984. She passed away at the age of 73.

Musical career

Guinot was born in 1945 in Barreiro, Portugal. In the 1960s, she started her musical career. The two EPs she released didn’t have as much success as the singer was hoping for. She withdrew from the music scene and only returned in 1981. In that year, she took part in Festival da Canção. Her song Um Adeus, Um Recomeço

Maria Guinot finally got to live her Eurovision dream three years later. At the 1984 Festival da Canção, she wowed the crowd with Silêncio E Tanta Gente.

Three albums and declining health

In her career, Maria Guinot released a total of just three albums. The last one of those was released back in 2004, titled Tudo Passa.

Guinot’s health started declining in 2010. She suffered three strokes and had to decide to quit playing the piano. Maria Guinot passed away today after a lung infection. She was aged 73.

The thoughts of the entire Team are with Maria Guinot’s family and friends in these difficult times.

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