Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 44

Love is really flourishing in the Euroverse these days! There appears to be no end to the Eurovision wisdom! And Christmas and touring go hand in hand. Also; the Xtra good goodiebag is still not empty. 

Babies all around! 

Gromee becomes a dad! 


Charlotte gave birth to her baby boy! 


Barei is still waiting! 


Winners of MGPjr 2018

Even though Norway doesn’t participate in Junior Eurovision, NRK still organizes a Junior contest, called MGPjr. The final took place in Telenor Arena this Saturday, in front of 15.000 people! The winners are the girl group 4everU. The group’s memners are Eline Roa Gran, 12, Savannah Løver, 12, Maria Elisabeth Heitmann, 13 and Bettina Ranvik, 13. Their song is called “Forandring” (Change) and is about starting secondary school. 


Would you like to see Norway return to Junior Eurovision? And do you think “Forandring” could have been a success in Belarus later this month? 

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Comments on Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 44

  • Thorsten from Germany

    1. Yes, yes, yes …. I would love if Norway returns to Junior Eurovision.
    2. No, I don’t think with such a performance and song they will have a chance of winning in Minsk. JESC is now on a higher level with the songs ….BUT ….the song “Forandring” is good for a place 9 – 13 (in the top 21 songs – inkl. Norway). Look at France (returning with such a good song) or Kazakhstan (debut and on top of all votes). Norway has the power to slay in Junior Eurovision too and on YouTube there are a lot of skandinavian fans supporting the JESC ………so Norway – please come back to the Junior Eurovision. Select your song / singer with MGPjr and send your winner to JESC ♥♥♥

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