Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 44

Fountain of wisdom

Kikki Danielsson represented Sweden at Eurovision in 1982 and 1985. She is a very wise and incredibly funny woman. Most of her nuggets of wisdom are really funny…and in Swedish. I did eventually manage to find a couple in English, though…


The Xtra good goodiebag

Handsome men? Check! Water? Check! 


What do you mean; “There’s supposed to be an *ocean*”? Ah well, if you insist. 

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Comments on Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 44

  • Thorsten from Germany

    1. Yes, yes, yes …. I would love if Norway returns to Junior Eurovision.
    2. No, I don’t think with such a performance and song they will have a chance of winning in Minsk. JESC is now on a higher level with the songs ….BUT ….the song “Forandring” is good for a place 9 – 13 (in the top 21 songs – inkl. Norway). Look at France (returning with such a good song) or Kazakhstan (debut and on top of all votes). Norway has the power to slay in Junior Eurovision too and on YouTube there are a lot of skandinavian fans supporting the JESC ………so Norway – please come back to the Junior Eurovision. Select your song / singer with MGPjr and send your winner to JESC ♥♥♥

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