Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 44

Eurovision chefs; Nodiko and Vaidas 

What do Eurovision singers do after Eurovision? Well, some of them go on daytime television to share their culinary talents! 


Alexander and Maria’s Christmas tour

Christmas is not too far away, and soon we will see a veritable flood of Christmas concerts across the Euroverse. Especially in the Nordics, Christmas concerts is one of the most important traditions of the holiday season. And to make sure people will have time to go to loads of different concerts, they start in early November. One of the longest running concerts is called “Stille natt” (Silent Night), and in recent years we have seen quite a few Eurovision entrants in the line-up. Both Alexander Rybak and Maria Haukaas Mittet were part of it last year, and they wil return this year as well. Another familiar face is Tor Endresen, who is back after a couple of years’ time-out. 

Last year’s poster

And here we bring you a little taste of what they will do this year. I, for one, can’t wait for my tenth “Stille natt” concert! Keep an eye on our instagram on December 16th; I just might post a few little clips! 

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Comments on Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 44

  • Thorsten from Germany

    1. Yes, yes, yes …. I would love if Norway returns to Junior Eurovision.
    2. No, I don’t think with such a performance and song they will have a chance of winning in Minsk. JESC is now on a higher level with the songs ….BUT ….the song “Forandring” is good for a place 9 – 13 (in the top 21 songs – inkl. Norway). Look at France (returning with such a good song) or Kazakhstan (debut and on top of all votes). Norway has the power to slay in Junior Eurovision too and on YouTube there are a lot of skandinavian fans supporting the JESC ………so Norway – please come back to the Junior Eurovision. Select your song / singer with MGPjr and send your winner to JESC ♥♥♥

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