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Have Greece and Cyprus both approached Tamta for Eurovision?

According to Alpha Channel, a local TV channel, both Greece and Cyprus have asked Tamta to represent them at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel, yet the famous singer has given no reply to either of the broadcasters.

A point of division between the two broadcasters?

Already at the beginning of this summer we had the first rumours about Tamta being interested in Eurovision 2019. The Greek report suggest that CyBC opened talks with Tamta a couple of weeks ago to ensure her services for Tel Aviv. However, ERT are looking to secure the deal themselves. Following in Cyprus’ footsteps, they reportedly invited Tamta for discussions a few days ago.

Now, both ERT and CyBc want Tamta to represent them at the contest, with the latest being silent at the moment. As Alpha channel states, the following days will be crucial for CyBc to deal with one of the most popular artists in both countries. Discussion between both parts seem to be positive and on advanced level at the moment, so we expect an announcement soon enough.  Greek and Cypriot Eurofans are hoping to see Tamta step on the Eurovision stage, thus being the second year in a row for Cyprus to be represented by such a big artist.

The truth is, after two head members of the Greek broadcaster resigned from their positions and the following steps of ERT being unknown, it seems like the Cypriot proposal might be a safer choice for Tamta.

Tamta in Eurovision

Tamta has participated in the Greek national final in 2007 with the song With Love. Eight years later in 2015, Tamta tried again to represent Greece without success due to… missing the deadline set by Greek broadcaster ERT. Tamta herself stated that she only missed the deadline by a couple of days and that Unloved would have been her song for Vienna. The song, composed by Alex Papaconstantinou, later became a hit.

The Georgian born singer was close to representing Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, she says. After former Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou turned down the offer of singing Fuego, CyBC approached Tamta. The singer however couldn’t fit Eurovision into her schedule, so the honour went to Eleni Foureira instead.

Who will compose the Cypriot entry?

The Cypriot broadcaster CyBC has been in contact with the composer of Fuego, Alex Papaconstantinou, claim AlphaNews. According to the news outlet, Alex P has agreed to once again compose the Cypriot Eurovision entry.

It is worth mentioning that Tamta has a very good relationship with Alex P. He has composed several of her hits. That would however not mean that she enters Eurovision with a care free mind. The main concern of the singer is to find a proper song that she’ll be able to “take off” on the stage of Eurovision and feel safe with both the song and the team behind her.
The developments of this project should be finalised within approximately a week. has reached out to the broadcasters

At the team, we have reached out to both ERT and CyBC. Whilst we are waiting for a reply from Greek broadcaster ERT, CyBC told us that nothing is final yet. They have indeed started discussions with a composer, but a deal has not yet been signed. However, we can expect news from them “soon”.

Would you like to see Tamta in Eurovision? Do you think she could get Greece back to the top 10? Or give Cyprus another top placement?

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Comments on Have Greece and Cyprus both approached Tamta for Eurovision?

  • Paula

    One can get TAMTA the other, Kostas Martakis, and everyone happy. Especially me who’s still waiting for them to hit the Eurovision stage.

  • Minas

    Tamta would be an awesome choice for either country!!!
    She is gorgeous and has a great voice!

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