Kaliopi moves with new single “Presuda”

This morning, Kaliopi released her latest single. The Macedonian singer has also released an official video to go with Presuda, her first single since December 2016.

Working with your ex?

It can sometimes be said that working with your ex is not the best possible idea in the world. However, for Kaliopi, it actually works. Her latest single has once again been composed by Romeo Grill.

The duo were once married and ended their collaborations in music after the divorce. They then reunited when Kaliopi went on her first actual Eurovision adventure in 2012. Ever since, Grill has composed songs for her again.


Kaliopi’s new single “Presuda” can be translated into English as “Judgement’. The song is more subtle than some of her previous work, such as ‘Crno I Belo”. At 51 years of age, Kaliopi is showing the world that she still knows how to impress vocally. Like we’ve seen at the Eurovision Song Contest, Kaliopi’s voice is something that makes you listen to her songs. Especially those high notes leave an impression.

Kaliopi’s mixed Eurovision fortune

The Macedonian singer has had the honour of representing her country three times at the Eurovision Song Contest. Sadly for her, the first attempt back in 1996 was eliminated in the preview round, held before the actual contest. That meant she had to wait until 2012 to make her Eurovision debut. “Crno I Belo” became one of the modern Eurovision classics and brought her country a rare spot in the Grand Final. MRT then tried to aim for the same amount of success in 2016 by sending her to Eurovision once more. However, “Dona” then failed to make it through to the final in Stockholm.

What do you think about Kaliopi’s new single “Presuda”? Let us know!

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