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Mel Giedroyc to host Eurovision: You Decide again

She’s been loving the ‘Eurovish’, so why ditch her? In a radio interview, Mel Giedroyc has confirmed that she will once again host the UK national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, called Eurovision: You Decide.

West End and Eurovision

Radio host Alice Arnold spoke to Mel Giedroyc about her upcoming West End adventure. The TV presenter is set to star in the musical “Company”. The Stephen Sondheim show will be revived this year and will continue until March. Giedroyc will be taking on one of the leading roles in the play, namely that of Sarah.

With a packed schedule until March 2019, Arnold just had to ask Giedroyc about her Eurovision plans. When she asked the TV presenter and upcoming musical actress about the night of Eurovision: You Decide, Giedroyc replied:

Very kindly, they’ve given me the night off, so I can present the… Gosh, I’ve forgotten the name of the show, that’s awful! When the UK song is chosen. Song for Europe, or at least it used to be!

Mel Giedroyc at The Musicals and Theatre Podcast

Despite not instantly remembering what the show is called nowadays, Giedroyc will indeed return for another hosting job. She’s been hosting the show since its first edition back in 2016. Last year, she hosted the show together with Swedish Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw.

January or February

In the same broadcast, Mel Giedroyc confirmed what we all thought would be the case. The date for the United Kingdom’s national final will be set sometime in either January or February. In previous years, the UK selection date has varied quite a bit. From the end of January to the end of February – everything still seems possible.

Eurovision: You Decide started in 2016, with Joe&Jake winning the inaugural edition with You’re Not Alone. Last year, SuRie won the show with Storm.

Are you excited to see Mel Giedroyc back for another Eurovision: You Decide show? Let us know!

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