Norway: Big changes for MGP 2020 announced, with focus on quality over quantity!

Although the Eurovision 2019 season has just started and Norway has not selected its participant for the contest through Melodi Grand Prix yet, the country has already announced its plans for the 2020 edition of the national final!

Big changes for Melodi Grand Prix 2020!

The Norwegian broadcaster NRK announced its plans for Melodi Grand Prix 2020 through the show producer, Stig Karlsen. Although he expressed that he is pleased with this year’s MGP, he thinks that the main focus should be on quality over quantity. That’s why new rules are implemented for the 2020 MGP. The three main changes regarding the registration are:

New registration dates

The registration dates are shortened, with the registration starting on the day of MGP 2019, March 2 2019, and closing on May 17, just one day before the Grand Final of Eurovision 2019! May 17 is an easy-to-remember day, as it is an annual holiday in Norway (Constitution day). This way, there will be more time for the auditions for the artists, so that the right song will be given to the right singer. NRK plans to release the songs in January 2020.

When asked about the risk of getting fewer songs in 2020, Stig Karlsen pointed out:

“We will definitely get fewer songs, but that’s also the point. We want a more focused and targeted effort, and not a line production. Quality in front of quantity.”

All entries must have at least one Norwegian songwriter in the team

Stig Karlsen expressed that he supports international cooperation, as long as it promotes the Norwegian composers and music lifestyle in general. He also pointed out that if foreign songwriters wish to see their songs featured in MGP 2020, they need to get more Norwegian friends!

Each producer or songwriter must report up to three songs

This  definitely adds to Stig Karlsen’s motto “Quality over quantity”!

In 2018, Alexander Rybak won Melodi Grand Prix. He represented Norway in Lisbon and finished 15th, with 144 points, despite winning his semi final.

What do you think about the changes in MGP 2020? Will they be enough to secure Norway’s fourth victory? Let us know!

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