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Rosalía would consider representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest

In an interview on TV show El Hormiguero, Spain’s rising star of the moment, Rosalía, has said she would consider representing her country at the Eurovision Song Contest. And even the broadcaster responded…

“It would depend on many things”

When she was asked about the Eurovision Song Contest, the singer didn’t immediately burst with enthusiasm. Instead, she said that she would indeed consider going to Eurovision to represent Spain, but that it would all depend on many things. She however did not specify what those ‘things’ were.

She did however open the door for broadcaster RTVE, as she said:

If they were to ask me, I would think about it.

Rosalía on El Hormiguero

Who is Rosalía?

23 year old Rosalía Vila is one of Spain’s most popular singers of the moment. Her modern take on flamenco music has brought her many fans. She’s also taking the bold step of working with conceptual and experimental music in her performances.

This all has led to collaborations with world renowned artists such as J Balvin and Pharrell Williams. At this year’s MTV EMAs, Rosalía was invited to sing a medley of two of her recent songs, De Aqui No Sales and Malamente. The latter of those went double platinum in Spain and features on her new album, “El Mal Querer”. 

Rosalía’s success is now spreading abroad. Not only did she have the chance to showcase her music in Bilbao during the MTV EMAs, she also features on the New Music Friday UK list on Spotify with her latest offering Di Mi Nombre.

What would RTVE say?

As we know, Spanish broadcaster RTVE revived their successful Operación Triunfo last year. From that format, they then selected Alfred & Amaia to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite a lower finish than expected, the format still works in Spain.

That’s why Operación Triunfo is also set to be the selection method for the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. That will happen through the Eurovisión Gala, which will take place in January.

However, when RTVE saw the news of Rosalía’s interest on Twitter, they soon commented. And even when you don’t speak Spanish, the emojis speak for themselves here:

How would you feel if Rosalía were to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know!

Comments on Rosalía would consider representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest

  • Caramelo

    Well I think she’s beyond singing contests. She’s a big star albeit a rising one, and a singing contest would be a bad and cheesy career move.

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