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Several artists reveal elimination from Unser Lied für Israel

While German broadcaster NDR is remaining silent on those who made the cut for the time being, several artists are announcing that they have been eliminated from Unser Lied für Israel.

Another one bites the dust…and another one

Nina Kutschera, Dimi Rompos and Thilo Berndt have all recently revealed to their fans that they haven’t been selected to compete in Germany’s national selection. Singer-songwriter Nina is known for reaching the live shows of The Voice of Germany back in 2014. However, she announced via Instagram that she is not one of the finalists.

Nina expressed her disappointment in not being selected, but still remains positive. Moreover, she states that this does not mark the end of her journey, and in fact, it has only just begun.

In addition, Dimi and Thilo also took to social media to announce the news. Dimi claims that she’s fine with not being selected, and that she didn’t even expect to reach the top 20. Meanwhile, Thilo Berndt expressed that he is satisfied with the decision. Like Dimi, he was honoured to make the top 20 out of over a 1000 candidates.[0]=68.ARBlPveAqtNwnxn6T2eDTISj-JyyLe_sYKQuQXNnhqg0k50KuQvifWsynVMcnq9JtVrjqvGv6mYmfCyQxUGDVjpCCiEr1UGtQbGDHDHbC7SHb6FhTrhf1fSDM22PM_vRTMuNdEhPxCb3BBFC_jfqV86l31SSIcu9sZtf1Pqm15dbdUO3griCu4hbP61iRFwfXUD9oxs3l_SwN6zjKkEPhvw&__tn__=-R

A disappointing outcome

Most recently, Daniel Schuhmacher has announced that he wasn’t shortlisted. Schuhmacher was considered to be one of the more famous names in the running. He is best known for winning the sixth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, the German version of Pop Idol.

Daniel took to Facebook to express his disappointment in not being selected. As a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, he claims that it is a dream to be able to represent his country and that it wasn’t meant to be. 

He goes on to joke about representing another country at next year’s Eurovision. In the post, he says “Firstly I’m getting myself a lot of passports, with them I can apply in the whole of Europe. Maybe someone will actually take me”. Hopefully something works out and you can fulfil your dream Daniel!

Various artists are yet to announce whether or not they have been selected. Around six to eight of them are due to be revealed in “Early November”, anytime now then?

Germany in Eurovision

Germany has competed in every contest since its beginning in 1956, with the exception of 1996 when they failed to qualify from the semi final. They have won twice, in 1982 and 2010. With a string of bad results recently, they bounced back this year by finishing fourth with Michael Schulte and his song “You Let Me Walk Alone”.

Who would you like to see represent Germany? Let us know in the comments or via our social media pages @ESCXTRA!

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