Tel Aviv 2019

Eurovision 2019 entries deadline set for March 11th

Today we got the news, that 42 in total will take part in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest next year in Tel Aviv. And now, even before knowing one song, we know, that all songs have to be submitted in about 123 days. To be exact on March 11th. 

Prepare yourself for the 2019 NF season!

Channel 10 announced, that the meeting of the Heads of Delegations will take place from March 10th till March 12th. The Monday of the meeting marks the date, to submit the entry for each country. After that, the EBU has everything they need to prepare for the live shows in May. 

For us fans, this means, that the next four month will be packed with lots of national finals and announcements from the participating 42 countries.

In less than 123 days we’ll have every song who will compete in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. We probably all know the reason, why we’re going to Tel Aviv next year. Netta won six months ago the competition in Lisbon. As a result we’re going to Tel Aviv for the first time!

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