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“OT18’s” Noelia Franco: “No one wants to go to Eurovision…except Famous”

Noelia Franco. Who just became the Sixth eliminated contestant from 2018’s Operacion Triunfo, gives a very candid account of the contestant’s desire to represent Spain at Eurovision 2019. The contest is due to take place in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

In an interview for Spanish entertainment outlet “FormulaTV”, Noelia speaks of her experiences on the smash hit TV show as well as the all important Spanish ticket to Tel-Aviv to represent the Iberian nation. 

Soul Sister.

Due to the fact that she has stated her own desire to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest. She was questioned about the style of song she would like to sing in Tel-Aviv and gave this response.

If I don’t go [to Eurovision] I’d like Famous to go, I’m going to weigh up my options but Famous is very Famous. If I went [to Eurovision], I would go with a style like Famous, for sure. Many colleagues in the Academy told me “you should have a style like Pastora Soler. No: Pastora Soler has one, and Noelia has another. We are not comparable because Pastora Soler is a huge artist and I am small, which I have to keep building little by little. I believe that I present myself with a style comprising of soul and gospel – but in Spanish.

Noelia Franco speaking to FormulaTV

To follow up on a previous point to the fact that she stated the song to be in Spanish. She was asked whether to sing in English. She had this to say.

I would not rule it out, but if I’m representing Spain, why am I going to sing in English?

Noelia Franco speaking to FormulaTV

Tell all about Tel-Aviv.

Noelia got very candid about the attitude of her former classmates’ own desires to represent Spain in Tel-Aviv, as well as her own. Her answer is the following.

No. I’m sorry to say to you that nobody wants to go to Eurovision in the Academy. When Famous said that he wants to go to Eurovision, all my colleagues clung to that. He is very excited [about it] and so am I. And if I went with him, I can’t even tell you… we would be a Dynamic Duo if I went with him. But of course, that’s not how it will work… The rest of my colleagues said that no, they would not like to do it. I don’t know why. I would like it because it is another experience and I believe that life is made to live experiences, it is not made to say ‘no’ before trying things out.

Noelia Franco to FormulaTV

She was further pressed that whether the fact that Famous has expressed such a desire to go or whether they are daunted by the prospect of going to Eurovision was the reason they didn’t want to go. she went on to say. 

Famous because he likes it but I’m not aware of who the people want to see. It’s all so fast that you don’t notice. And I’m still the same as two months ago when I came to the castings. There’s no difference. If I went to Eurovision, I believe that I would feel nervous but that I would enjoy it so much that I maybe wouldn’t notice.

Noelia Franco to FormulaTV

Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The story so far.

This is really the first indications of Eurovision becoming a major talking point on Operacion Triunfo. Which of course at the time of publication is the preferred method RTVE has chosen to choose the Spanish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. But we have also published an article that Spanish star Rosalia “would also think about” representing Spain. Of course it is a rule that it is broadcasters’ prerogative to change their selection methods at any time.

What do you think about Noelia’s interview or her former classmate’s attitudes on representing Spain? Tell us in the comment’s below or  contact us on @escxtra on all platforms. 

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  • Rodica Iorga

    Hy, I am interested too. I want to represent my born country Romania. I leave in Danmark from 10 years, I have 36 years old, women, not maried, no children.I singing in the chirche in6 years. Many people love and like to hear my voice.
    Thank you and I hope to be contacted.

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