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Buranovskiye Babushki to donate earnings to build retirement home

They became the Russian grannies in 2012 that melted the hearts of Europe. But, six years on from the pop-tastic ‘Party for Everybody’, Buranovskiye Babushki are using their music for charitable purposes. In September, the group established a foundation to build a retirement home. When completed, the shelter should be able to accommodate 20 people in their rural village of Buranovo.

In a recent interview with TASS, the artistic directer for the group Olga Tuktareva explained that the idea initially came from the local priest. After hearing the plan, the group decided to get involved to give back to the community. 

We are donating our earnings to the construction of a home for lonely seniors

Olga Tuktareva

It should be noted, however, that this is not the first act of philanthropy from the group. Back in 2015, they donated concert fees to help construct a church. Interestingly, Tuktareva elaborated that the home would be built near a church. 

The granny-funded shelter is already creating a growing buzz. A relatively small village, Buranovo had an estimated population of around 658 in 2011. The media interest of possibly the nations most well-known and loved grannies will definitely help the group achieve their goal. At the moment there is not a strict deadline for the home to be completed, with construction being wholly dependent on funding. 

We donโ€™t tour as much now, so we cannot donate a lot of money, which is why we expect that people will also help


Despite the modest statement, the grannies have stayed in the Russian public eye since the contest. Over the summer the group released a music video in homage to Russia hosting the World Cup. Have a watch, you will definitely end up with a smile on your face.

Buranovskiye Babushki in the Eurovision Song Contest

In Baku, the grannies brought their ethno-pop track about setting a table and kneading dough for their grandkids to life on stage. The Babushki brought several novel things to the contest including the Udmert language,  alongside a rotating oven and a tray of freshly baked goods of course.  The group comfortably won the first-semi final. After a solid performance and an incredibly warm audience and media reaction, Russia was seen as a contender for victory. However, when it came to Saturday night they came a very respectable second place with 259 points. Nevertheless, they remain one of the most iconic acts of the decade!

We at ESCXTRA wish Buranovskiye Babushki all the best of luck to achieve their funding goals to build the retirement home!

Do you think the grannies should make a return to the contest?Let us know @ESCXTRA!ย 

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  • Chai

    Originally, weren’t there 8 grannies? The photo shows 6. Have two ladies passed away?

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