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DMGP runner-up Natascha Bessez enters The Voice of Holland

Her father is of French descent, her mother from Chile. She grew up in New York and almost entered the Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark. And now, Natascha Bessez has entered The Voice of Holland!

Why The Voice of Holland?

During the show, the 31 year old told host Martijn Krabbé that she moved to The Netherlands recently. When she lived in New York City, she met a Dutchman. Together with him, she moved to the town of Vlaardingen.

As she is now trying to start a career in her new home country, she decided that The Voice of Holland was the best stage for her to try this. During her audition, she performed Finesse

“They got Glennis Grace, we got her”

Natascha’s audition received rather mixed reactions from the coaches. Lil’ Kleine turned around almost immediately, being impressed by Natascha’s rap skills. He was, however, the only of the four coaches to turn around.

Once Natascha left the stage, former Eurovision entrants Anouk and Waylon told the crowd they were no fans of her performance. Anouk said that she wondered why Natascha went through the effort of coming from the United States to The Netherlands to “torture” people. Waylon on the other hand wondered why the United States got Glennis Grace and they ended up with Natascha Bessez.

All negativity aside, the former DMGP entrant was happy to make it through to the next round. She’ll be doing that in Lil’ Kleine’s team.

Who is Natascha Bessez?

You might need to dig into your memory to remember Natascha Bessez’s Eurovision adventure. Back in 2014, she entered Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Together with saxophone player Michael Rune, she finished as runner-up of the competition. Their song Wanna Be Loved

After her Eurovision attempt, the singer went back to the United States. Ever since, she’s been releasing covers on YouTube.

What did you think of Natascha Bessez’s performance on The Voice of Holland? Let us know!

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