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Anton Hagman and Bishara Morad set for Melodifestivalen 2019?

It has become one of the traditions in the build-up to the Melodifestivalen artist announcement: Aftonbladet’s attempt to complete the list of participants. They’ve now reported that several artists are set to compete, with 2017 finalist Anton Hagman being one of them.

Anton Hagman: The man who eliminated Loreen

The most prolific of those artists mentioned by Aftonbladet is Anton Hagman. His claim to fame came back in 2017, when he entered Melodifestivalen with his song Kiss You Goodbye.

To the surprise of many, he succeeded in defeating her song Statements.

Bishara Morad – From Insta to Melfest?

He’s currently just fifteen years old, so he would no doubt be the youngest entrant to Melodifestivalen next year if he indeed appears on the list. Bishara Morad is someone who’s making a career through Instagram, where uploads clips of himself singing well-known tunes. He currently has about 90,000 followers.

Bishara will turn sixteen just two weeks before the first Melodifestivalen semifinal. That makes him eligible to take part in next year’s edition.

Jan Malmsjö – A 77 year career

Melodifestivalen is also known for offering a stage to the absolute veterans. We all remember 88 year old Owe Thörnqvist, who made the final with Boogieman Blues

Malmsjö is a stage and TV actor with a career that started back in 1941. He’s one of those household names in Swedish theatre. He’s also released music before and has one other Melodifestivalen entry to his name. Back in 1969, he lost out to Tommy Körberg. Malmsjö’s Hej Clown, written by ABBA’s Benny Andersson, finished in second place. Now, fifty years later, he is hoping for another Melodifestivalen success.

Vlad Reiser – The YouTube pranker

The last name Aftonbladet introduce is Vlad Reiser. The 25 year old is most famous for his YouTube channel, where he is a comedian and does all sorts of pranks.

Interestingly, the rumours suggest that Vlad has decided to enter Melodifestivalen with an uptempo pop song and not a novelty entry, as many would expect from him. So far, he’s released just one single, a prank one, with the title PrankStar.

A summary – Who do we have so far?

We previously reported that Arvingarna, Wiktoria and Nano are all set to make a comeback to Melodifestivalen. We also know that The Lovers of Valdaro will be there, as they won the P4 Nästa talent show. Furthermore, FO&O’s Oscar Enestad will follow in Felix Sandman’s footsteps by taking part as a solo artist.

Aftonbladet also report that Ann-Louise Hanson will appear once again. They also have four names who allegedly have a big chance of taking part, but where they’re not quite sure yet. On that list, we see fan favourites such as Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Margaret, as well as Magnus Carlsson and John Lundvik. We know Sarah Dawn Finer and Eric Saade for sure won’t compete, as they were revealed as hosts for the shows next year.

Who are you hoping to see in Melodifestivalen 2019? Let us know!

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    The annual Swedish Melody Festival is not the same that it should be and it haven’t been for a long time.

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