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RTP wins an Eyes and Ears of Europe Award!

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has managed to win an award for its campaign ‘All Aboard”

What is the Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards?

The Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards are a recognition to outstanding design, promotion & digital achievements.

“The industry association Eyes & Ears of Europe was founded in 1996 by filmmakers from the German television landscape. The aim was to promote awareness of media designers and marketers for their products, to encourage quality-related debates and identify future-oriented perspectives.”

Eyes and Ears of Europe on what the award is about

RTP’s response to this acheivement

“An international recognition for both the company and myself. […] The concept and graphic were developed within RTP itself, without hiring an external company.”

RTP’s Nicolau Tudela, Art Director on winning 

About ‘All Aboard’

When RTP chose ‘All Aboard’ as its slogan last year, RTP spoke about the reasons behind their choice. The main aspects of the slogan are Diversity, Respect and Tolerance.

“For centuries, Portugal explored the world by sea. Today, Lisbon is more and more the city of all colors, a great harbour of cultures and sounds that welcomes you all to come aboard!”

Creative Manager of RTP, Gonçalo Madaíl on the slogan

What our Team-Members think of the Slogan

Recently, our team debated the usage of Slogans within the competition and most of the ESCXTRA team voted highly of this year’s slogan, with some commenting about it how it blends well with everything relating to Portugal such as the ocean, the ships and The Naval Portugal.

On behalf of the ESCXTRA team, we would like to congratulate the creative team at RTP for recieving this acheivement.

Tim Jumawan

I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

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