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RTVE announce 336 songs submitted so far for Eurovision 2019

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has announced that they have received 336 songs to date as they search for their potential entry for Eurovision 2019. 

So many choices

The majority of the songs submitted so far are either pop or a ballad. On the other hand, trap and heavy metal songs are less common in the bunch. Furthermore, RTVE reports that the songs they have received are in various official languages spoken in Spain. In that case, there’s a possibility that we will be hearing the likes of Catalan or Basque in these songs.

Old and new faces

Moreover, the songwriters of these 336 songs consist of young newcomers who are looking to enter the music industry for the first time. On the other hand, there are many familiar faces that have submitted a song, as these people have previously taken part in Eurovision.

The chosen ones

The deadline to submit an entry is this week, on November 15. Songwriters and producers can choose their preferred contestant from Operación Triunfo 2018. This also includes those that have already been eliminated. In addition, RTVE have reached out to professional artists and songwriters to submit their entries. 

Twenty songs will be shortlisted. Once they have been decided, the Operación Triunfo contestants will record them. After that, an online vote will commence via RTVE’s website. The three most popular entries as voted for by the public will qualify to the Eurovision Gaia. In the meantime, a panel of music experts will select up to seven more entries to be in the running.

Spain in Eurovision 2018

This year saw Alfred & Amaia represent Spain in Portugal with their song “Tu canción”. The song won the Eurovision Gaia with 43% of the vote. In the grand final, they finished 23rd overall receiving 61 points.

Which songwriters would you like to see contributing to Spain’s next entry? Who is your favorite contestant in Operación Triunfo? Let us know via @ESCXTRA on our social media or in the comments below!

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