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After Alcazar: Lina Hedlund is set to take part in Melodifestivalen 2019

We are just weeks away from the official announcement of the competing artists. Who will take part in next year Melodifestivalen? Another name the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet now revealed is Lina Hedlund. And Lina is no newcomer in Melodifestivalen…

Lina’s second solo in Melodifestivalen

When Alcazar will end their career for now on New Year’s Eve, Lina Hedlund will be solo and she is wasting no time. As Aftonbladet now reveals, Lina is set to take part in next year’s Melodifestivalen. This would be her sixth time taking part in the competition, but only the second time as a solo artist. This time she will compete with a modern pop-schlager song.

According to Aftonbladet the song is written by Dotter, who took part in Melodifestivalen 2018 with her song “Cry”. It will be the sixth time that Lina Hedlund will perform at the Melodifestivalen. In 2002 she competed with her sister Hanna Hedlund with the song “Big time party”, the following year she set up solo with “Nothing can stop me”, which made it to Andra Chansen. After that, she has competed three times with Alcazar, 2009 with “Stay the night”, 2010 with “Headlines and 2014 with” Blame it on the disco”.

This is the list for Melodifestivalen 2019 so for according to Aftonbladet

As we reported in recent days, Aftonbladet are trying to complete the list of Melodifestivalen entrants before SVT reveal them. Below you can see the list of acts they’ve more of less confirmed. Make sure to click the hyperlinked names to read more!

To take part in Melfest 2019
1. The lovers of Valdaro (from P4 Nästa)
2. Oscar Enestad
3. Arvingarna
4. Wiktoria Johansson
5. Nano Omar
6. Jan Malmsjö
7. Anton Hagman
8. Vlad Reiser
9. Bishara Morad
10. Ann-Louise Hanson
11. Jon Henrik Fjällgren
12. Lina Hedlund

Very close to be in Melfest 2019
John Lundvik
Magnus Carlsson

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