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Kalomira negotiating a Eurovision comeback?

After a string of bad results, Greece seems ready to get back on track. In recent reports, ERT seems to have approached Tamta in order to represent Greece in Eurovision 2019. However, another artist is reportedly in discussions to make a Eurovision comeback, Kalomira!

Kalomira in Tel Aviv?

Kalomira is no stranger to the Eurovision fans, as she is the last Greek representative to finish in the Top 3! As we previously reported, she was negotiating to represent Greece in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. According to “exclusive information” from Greek Eurovision website OGAE Greece, Kalomira, who is now in Greece, had a meeting at the ERT Headquarters yesterday. It is also pointed out that Kalomira has not given any answer regarding her participation in Tel Aviv. However, everything seems positive!

Kalomira was also invited in a Greek TV Show, where she announced that she will be back in Greece in January. January is actually a perfect time for Eurovision announcements, isn’t it?

Kalomira’s result in Belgrade with “Secret Combination” still remains Greece’s best result in the last 10 years, as she came third with 218 points. In 2018, Yianna Terzi finished only 14th in the first Semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, with 81 points.

What do you think? Would you like to see Kalomira back on the Eurovision stage? Will Greece get back to its Eurovision glory?

UPDATE 18/11:
Kalomira’s management has now responded to the reports. You can read what they had to say here.

Comments on Kalomira negotiating a Eurovision comeback?

  • Phillip Franklin

    At the moment it appears likely that Kazakhstan may well be the winner in the Junior Eurovision competition for 2018. If that is indeed how the competition turns out, it seems rather absurd to then turn around and not allow Kazakhstan to compete the very next year on a technicality.
    Thank you.

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