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Irish viewers unable to vote during Junior Eurovision due to TG4 broadcasting delay

Ireland’s broadcaster for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, TG4, have announced that they will broadcast the show next Sunday on a delay. As a result of this decision, it’ll be much more of a hassle for Irish Junior Eurovision fans to vote during the show.

Evening broadcast

Since a couple of years, the EBU have decided to broadcast the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the afternoon. The show usually starts at 16:00 CET. TG4 have however once again decided to air the show in the evening. They’ll be opting for a local time of 19:00 CET to broadcast the show.

It’s not the first time the Irish have decided to do this. Ever since the EBU decided to move the contest to the afternoon, they’ve been airing the show on delay. During the afternoon, GAA Beo, the live sports show, keeps its place in their broadcasting schedule. The evening broadcast should also ensure higher viewing figures. For that same reason, Australia’s SBS also air the show on a delay.

What about voting?

In the build-up to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, fans will have the chance to vote for their favourites through the online voting portal. EBU introduced the online voting last year to ensure fans would engage before the actual show.

The Irish decision to air the show a few hours after the remainder of participating countries does so, means it’ll be much harder for Irish fans to vote during the show. They can of course watch the broadcast online and vote once the voting opens again, but the majority of Irish fans will not have that option available to them.

With countries now being able to vote for themselves as well as for others, this may cause a little inconvenience for the Irish entrant, as he will be one of the few who won’t get many votes from his own country during the show. Taylor Hynes will represent his country with the song “IOU”. He released a video for the song last week. You can see that below and you might recognise some familiar faces

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