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Day 2: Fairytale ballad from Melissa & Marco and Italy – REVIEW

ESCXTRA are live from Minsk for day 2 of rehearsals ahead of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018! 

Today’s schedule

The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, The Netherlands, Ukraine and Wales. Have a look at the full detailed rehearsal schedule by clicking here!

First up to rehearse today is Melissa & Marco from Italy. We have just watched the first run through of What Is Love live on screen and here is our initial overview.

Rehearsal review

Well, Italy is sweet. It starts with Marco sitting on a swing on the stage in a suit before Melissa arrives in her big puffy dress and outdoor coat. There’s some beautiful moonlit staging – the moon being on the screens behind the duo.

Lots of engaging with one another towards the end of this performance, as well as with the viewers at home down the camera. 

There’s also a huge fairytale castle on the screens behind at the end – almost but not unlike Disneyland itself… 

There’s a lot of charisma here from the young performers and they work well together on stage. 

Edit: In run 2, Melissa has lost the jacket – this is a good decision. The outfit suits her better now and really looks like the fairytale princess dress this performance needs!

Watch the rehearsal!

Stay tuned for our review of Daneliya Tuleshova’s rehearsal of Ózińe sen next for Kazakhstan. Furthermore, click here for a recap of everything that happened on day 1!


Our collaborative articles are here! Of course, it's worth saying that our favourite entry is 🇧🇬 Sofi Marinova - Love Unlimited (2012).

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