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Junior Eurovision 2018 – Day 2 Rehearsal Recap

Poland – Roksana Węgiel

Using Sertab Erener as inspiration, Poland have come with a very adventurous staging using black-and-white camera filters at times to accompany Roksana’s strong vocals with some dynamic visuals.

Portugal – Rita Laranjeira

The Portuguese have brought some really clever, social media friendly ideas to their staging. There’s a boomerang inspired camera shot, a Facebook/Instagram live stream inspired overlay and there’s even Instagram gallery post inspired camera work. Just wait until you see it for yourself!

Russia – Anna Filipchuk

We get the full on band staging from Anna and Russia as well as some really sweet graphics on the video screens of people singing along to the chorus of Unbreakable. 

Serbia – Bojana Radovanović

Expressive is the best word to describe Bojana’s performance today, engaging directly with the audience at home through the camera. Her powerhouse vocals are certainly something to watch out for!

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Nathan Waddell

I am the Editor in Chief of ESCXTRA, a huge Melodifestivalen fan and love sports. You can find me singing along to Scandinavian Eurovision entries, listening to the latest chart music on Spotify or watching the football and tennis on two different screens at once.

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