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Day 3: 🇦🇲 Armenia’s L.E.V.O.N dazzles on stage with his trumpet.

ESCXTRA are live from Minsk for day 3 of rehearsals ahead of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018! 

Today’s schedule

Today, the countries rehearsing for the second time, in chronological order, are Israel, Ireland, Georgia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, France, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Australia, Armenia and Albania. Have a look at the full detailed rehearsal schedule by clicking here!

The next artist to rehearse today is L.E.V.O.N from Armenia. We have just watched the latest run through of L.E.V.O.N. Now, let’s compare the differences between the first and second rehearsals!

First rehearsal recap

Second rehearsal changes

As someone who didn’t see this on Tuesday, I am reliably informed there are not too many changes to this performance by L.E.V.O.N today!

There’s some really swish camera cuts in the final chorus and throughout, L.E.V.O.N gets the crowd up on their feet and dancing away to his high tempo, heavy beat track.

This will look great with a full arena at the weekend.

Rehearsal video clips

How to vote!

Online voting is now open! Votes can be cast via vote.junioreurovision.tv. Viewers from all over the world can vote for between three and five countries.

Voting closes at 3.59pm CET on Sunday 25th November, just before the beginning of the live broadcast. Then, voting will reopen during the show for fifteen minutes following the final performance so that any final votes can be cast.

Up next…

Stay tuned for our look at Efi Gjika’s second rehearsal of Barbie next for Albania. Furthermore, for a recap of everything that happened on day 1 and day 2, click on the embedded links!


Our collaborative articles are here! Of course, it's worth saying that our favourite entry is 🇧🇬 Sofi Marinova - Love Unlimited (2012).

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