Jon Ola Sand: Kazakhstan participation in adult Eurovision “needs to be discussed”

In the past couple of hours, host broadcaster of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 BTRC held an online press conference with the executive supervisor of the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand. Of course, the ongoing question of Kazakhstan was on everyone’s lips…

It’s something “we need to discuss”

When asked on whether Kazakhstan will be invited to the adult Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand made the following statement, transcribed by ESCKAZ:

A change in stance since July

This seems like a much more positive response for Kazakhstan’s hopes in joining the adult Eurovision Song Contest. Indeed, this is certainly the case in comparison to the statement made by the EBU on the situation back in July shortly following the announcement of Kazakhstan’s debut in this year’s Junior contest.

Back then, the EBU said that there were “no plans” to invite Kazakhstan to the adult Eurovision Song Contest. Indeed, the decision in regards to the Junior Eurovision debut had been made courtesy of the Junior Eurovision reference group alone.

Junior Eurovision debut imminent

On Sunday, Kazakhstan will make their Junior Eurovision debut here in Minsk. The nation will be represented by Daneliya Tuleshova and her song Ózińe sen. You can read a review of her first rehearsal right here!

Do you think this is a positive statement for Kazakhstan’s hopes? Let us know @ESCXTRA!

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