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Junior Eurovision 2018 – Day 3 Rehearsal Recap

Macedonia – Marija Spasovska

Only little tweaks were needed to the staging for Marija’s performance for Macedonia. There’s a slight change to the way the hood covers her face at the start of the performance and a perfect camera shot to finish it all off, framing both Marija and the family on the screen behind her in the same camera shot.

France РAng̩lina

This is another entry that only needed slight tweaks to it but Ang̩lina totally owns the stage here in Minsk. It is such a perfect performance now with these little changes that make the second verse look perfect Рboth on stage and on camera!

Belarus – Daniel Yastremski

With some slight camera changes, the changes to the set are now much more disguised as Daniel moves from scene to scene in his performance of Time. We are really impressed with how this one looks now!

Azerbaijan – Fidan Huseynova

The biggest change to the performance for Fidan was that they’ve changed her outfit. Now, she looks much more similar to the backing singers and the whole group comes together in perfect harmony on stage visually.

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Nathan Waddell

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