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Junior Eurovision 2018 – Day 3 Rehearsal Recap

Australia – Jael

Yet another entry that didn’t need much tweaking to it. In fact, the only thing Australia seem to have altered is Jael’s hairstyle – it’s less over her face now and we’re really impressed with this confident production.

Armenia – L.E.V.O.N

Continuing the trend of not needing to change very much at all, Armenia looked as slick as ever. L.E.V.O.N is totally in charge on stage with his performance and we absolutely love the lighting effects on the screen and around the arena too!

Albania – Efi Gjika

Our final rehearsal of the day came from Albania and the one thing we really noticed here is that the camera shots have been tightened and Efi has so much fun down the cameras, encouraging the audience at home to have fun too with her performance!

Tomorrow, the second rehearsals will continue. The second half, alphabetically, of the participating nations will rehearse again. These will take place in reverse order to day 2. Taking to the stage will be Wales, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Malta, Kazakhstan and Italy.

Voting opens on Friday for you to support your favourites before the contest takes place.

We will be bringing you rehearsal reports all week, plus maybe another live stream as we look ahead to Sunday’s big show.

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Nathan Waddell

I am the Editor in Chief of ESCXTRA, a huge Melodifestivalen fan and love sports. You can find me singing along to Scandinavian Eurovision entries, listening to the latest chart music on Spotify or watching the football and tennis on two different screens at once.

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